About Christina

Hello, my name is Christina, and I am a photographer. My mission in the world is that every woman know how amazingly beautiful she is. Because for us, beauty is tied to self-worth, confidence, empowerment… all that important good stuff. 

I’m a bit of New York City playing in Colorado. I have a cosmopolitan aesthetic and attention to detail, with a laid back attitude about it all. Because if it’s not fun, what’s the point? I spend a lot of time on simple things like cooking, eating, walking, and conversing. The real juice of life comes from relationships with other people.

Being a photographer comes with a lot of responsibility for me. My family would argue over photographs when I was a kid. Argue, slam doors, steal and hide photo albums.

Photographs can’t be replaced, re-taken or re-created. You’ll always regret the photo you didn’t take, or the photo you skimped on. So when I was given a pink and black 110 film camera, I took it very seriously. I knew that the photos I would take could not be taken by anyone else ever again. And that’s where my love for photography grows from—I honor the unique and amazing connections between you and your loved ones, your clients, even yourself. So you exist as you are today for your children, and grand-children… long after you’re gone.

I do:

  • laugh, bike, invent, knit, dream
  • drink coffee
  • play kitty games
  • love you, my client, like crazy – I cry when I get really present to how amazing you are
  • create timeless, authentic photographs
  • dream big ( I already said that, didn’t I?)
  • honor my word
  • look with my heart first, eyes second, equipment third
  • go with the flow
  • make you laugh
  • answer my emails and phone calls
  • fully participate in life
  • And, of course, I love cupcakes! (Have you ever met a woman who doesn’t?)

I don’t:

  • photoshop you beyond recognition
  • awkwardly pose you and your family
  • eat meat, or eggplant… or radishes
  • create cliché photos, except for when I mean to
  • hit snooze (I don’t even use an alarm clock! Unless there’s a flight to catch!)

I’ve been photographing people since 2000, and officially, legally started my business in 2008. It’s the most amazing, crazy wonderful never-ending roller coaster ride! I love LOVE, and beauty and relationships. And I love people who love each other, who love their work and invest in themselves.

I would be giddy to hear from you! Call me! And let’s discuss the possibilities! 970-459-0000