Ariel and Collin’s Della Terra Mountain Wedding

I have had the joy of photographing Ariel and Collin several times over the last 4 years… beginning with Ariel’s dance audition head shots. And since these two have been adorably inseparable since they met 6 years ago, Collin came to Ariel’s photo session… along with their dog Atticus. Because I love my clients, I took some shots of them together then. (Ariel got that part, by the way) And then I needed a cute couple for an impromptu shoot when The Knot called asking for specific mountain photo for an article. And then we photographed Ariel and Collin with their horse, Sparrow. And then Collin needed a headshot for a theater gig. And then they got engaged!! And here we are. Watching them over the years, adapt, overcome and love each other as a trans-queer couple, I learned a new idea of what a relationship could be.


Their wedding, like them, was both elegant and down-to-earth. Sophisticated and comfortable. A bit non-traditional and lots of love all over it. Birds and horses thematically woven throughout. And their dogs were in the wedding party too! An animal-lover myself, I was having a blast.

His and hers custom shoes painted by Hourglass. Creative, stunning florals by Bella Calla. Cupcakes so beautiful they made me forget how gluten destroys me by Colorado Rose Cake Company. My favorite wedding food ever… Delicious vegetarian and vegan and gluten-free catering options by Three Leaf Catering. All the pretty printed stuff – invitations, programs, table cards, little tags on the bells, and those gorgeous wood-burned signs by Michael at Anticipate Invitations. And the backdrop for all this gorgeousness was the elegant Della Terra Mountain Chateau.





More photos?? Here’s a whole lot of them!


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You are incredible Christina and I just know you are going to make it BIG TIME. What a talent and such fun to be with!

Julianne {Portrait Client}

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